460 WestBroadway

460 West Broadway SA
Via Gaggiolo, 27
6855 Stabio – CH
P.IVA CHE-307.503.031

T. + 41 91 2600570
F. + 41 91 2600599


460 West Broadway SA is a Swiss based company founded in November 2013, producing and distributing iconic brands such as Baracuta, BD Baggies, and Spiewak globally.

Ongoing innovation and excellence in quality are the foundation of a company with strong organization skills run by a seasoned but flexible managment. By investing in staff aged under 40, the company’s process’s have been developed from a cultural business understanding which is simultaneously authenic and contemporary.

A balance of business and aesthetic elements, merged with an overall development strategy is a core value of the company. A target that can be achieved only through the solid skills of the team. This means supporting alternative thinking individuals, their creative vision and, encouraging fresh energy to push new boundaries.

Our team works in an international environment with a strong attention to design and research, focused on innovative materials and collections with a story to tell.

The company has a strategic purpose, to preserve the original DNA of each brand which comes from the silhouette of different cultures and identities. The result is an extremely curated offering made possible using modern production processes to highlight the heritage of each brand.